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Freeride Punta Nera in collaboration with Snow Service Cortina invite you to try the Fat Bike. Throughout the day at the Village in Faloria you can try out the bikes a on a special track made especially for the occasion.

For those of you who own your own bikes and want to go for a significant ride we have organized a 1 and a half hour ride starting at the bus station in the Pianozzes Lake area. The ride starts at around 10:00 and we will return to the station at about 11:30-12:00.

There are no difficult climbs – 250-300mt and about 15km.

After the ride we’ll catch the funivia (ticket not included) up to the village in Faloria, with the bikes, to continue the day on the trial circuit, with the Freeride Punta Nera  concert and festival that follow the freeride competition.

If the condition of the snow along with the slopes manager consent, we would like to accompany, anyone who is interested, back to the valley along the slopes until Rio Gere, then via Brite di Larieto, Mietres, and Cortina to return to the Bus station at around 16:00

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