AMORINO Junior Freeride Challange

AMORINO JUNIOR FREERIDE CHALLENGE   Subscription and payment:   It is possible to register at the race until the day before the race through the web site or by 9.00 am in the stand zone “Village” paying the fee of €25.00, filling in the form with the sign of a parent or the deputizer? The forms will have to be presented by time set above or at the e-mail or by person at the “Village” area.  The race will accept athletes under major age born before december 31st 1997, for those born after this date it will be requested a sign by a ski instrucor who will vouch for a base level for the race.   There will be two age categories: the Junior race will include the first age range so called (JUNIOR RACE) AND THE KIDS’ RACE, which will include the participants born after december 31st 1997. Three diciplines also in this race which will be ski, snowboard and telemark. The committee reserves the right to exclude anyone from the contest, and to accept more than 80 participants.   Itinerary:   The contest will allow only one run on the course. The slope terrain will not have any particular set up, the conditions of the race will be set by snow and weather. The staff could count some mandatory steps and also forbid any other dangerous areas.   Face inspection: It will be possible, the day before the race, to look and ski down the race itinerary, which is recommended to all participants. The slope will close 1h and 30 min before the start of the race.   Judging system: there will be two judges which will consider the line and security.   Start: The start wiil be by  the lodge Tondi in Faloria at 11.00am. The bibs will be held out at the “Village” the day of the race at 9.30am. Each participant will have to be at the security check on time by the lodge Tondi. The start of the athletes will be paused by the jury by necessity.   Security: it is mandatory the use of the following: helmet, backprotector and ARTVA, also recommended a back pack with probe and shovel. Anyone who won’t have the mandatory equipment won’t be able to start the contest.     Disqualifies: any infraction of those written above, will be punished with a disqualify. Any external help is allowed during the race. Anyone who will be not in time at the start will be disqualified.  The potential passing in prohibited areas or lines will give the rider a disqualify.   Changes: The committee reserves the right to modify these rules and postpone or cancel the contest if the snow will put the security of the event in danger.