2012 edition

CARRERA FREERIDE CHALLENGE PUNTA NERA   Subscription and payment:   To confirm your registration at the race it is necessary, at least 5 days before the race, to pay the fee of €100,00. It can be payed with cash transfer at the following bank coordinates: SCI CLUB 18 ASD-EVENTI CASSA RURALE ED ARTIGIANA DI CORTINA D’AMPEZZO E DELLE DOLOMITI IBAN: IT 40S 0851161070 000000024032 CAUSALE: ISCRIZIONE PUNTA NERA CHALLENGE NOME E COGNOME It is also necessary to fill in the form on the web site www.freeridepuntanera.com with all the information required and deliver it to the organization the night before the event. The iscription will be accepted only after the organization will receive the receipt of payment by fax at the number +39 0436 866873 . The staff of the organization won’t accept more than 150 participants. The date of the Carrera Freeride Challenge Punta Nera and Marco Da Pozzo’s trophy is set on the 7th of April 2012.   Itinerary:   The contest will allow only one run on the course. The slope terrain will not have any particular set up, the conditions of the race will be set by snow and weather. The staff could count some mandatory steps and also forbid any other dangerous areas.   Participation:   The senior race is open to all athletes with major age. Every rider has to own a medical certificate and subscribe, at the time of the inscription the form disclaimer of the organizations’ responsabilities. The committee reserves any type responsability in case of damage to third parties; also in case of property or physycal damages that the riders could get during the race. It is the rider who choses his line down the slope so it is under his own responsability, conscious about the risks concerning the mountain. The organization can prohibit the way to some points or areas, if not respected there will be a suspension.   Face inspection: the 6th of April it is recommended a face inspection in the early afternoon after the snow clearance . Judging system: there will be 4 judges who will look at security, fluency, style and line. Start: the start will be done one persona at the time . The pick up is set for the 6th of April at 6 pm by the PalaAudi at the bus station in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The start of the first rider will be at 10 am. All perticipants will have to meet at the bottom of Faloria gondola at 7.30am, from there it will be possible to reach the top of the Tondi chairlift to start at 8.30am the transfer with the helicopter towards the area of the race. The start of the riders will be paused by the jury to be able to see each participant. Security: it is mandatory the use of the following: helmet, probe, shovel, ARTVA ( set on transmission and in the right position in touch with the body) .  Backprotector recommended. Anyone who will not be perfecly in order with all the security dispositions will be disqualified. Disqualifies: any infraction of those written above, will be punished with a disqualify. Any external help is allowed during the race. Anyone whol will be not in time at the start will be disqualified.  The potential passing in prohibited areas or lines will give the rider a disqualify.   Changes: The committee reserves the right to modify these rules and postpone or cancel the contest if the snow will put the security of the event in danger. Any changes will be comunicated to the participants on time by e-mail .   Ranking: The first three riders of each dicipline will be awarded,  (ski-telemark-snowboard) both men and women.   Skipass: For the ATHLETES only, Cortina Cube and Dolomiti Superski set an agreement for a low-price skipass to reach the race area.